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Why You Must Discipline Yourself – IFÁ

If you must fulfill your purpose here on earth, you must give yourself some healthy discipline. Focusing on food rituals without thorough self Discipline is a pure waste of time, money, and energy.

Orunmila knew what his purpose was, and he thoroughly disciplined himself in order to manifest his true purpose.
Our Authentic purpose here is to enhance the world with our Authentic/Spiritual Gifts, and this can only happen through self discipline. Without self discipline you can not enhance the universe, because without self discipline you will be misaligned, and when you are misaligned you can not enhance the World.

Self-discipline will enable you to get closer to your Ori.
In Èjìogbè (The first chapter of IFÁ), Ifá says:
Discipline, Discipline
A well-disciplined and Enlightened one is whom we should assign to be the head of the house
These were Ifa’s messages for ORUNMILA
When he was going to become the LIGHT of the World
He was advised to offer the sacrifice of “Self Discipline”
In order for him to fulfill his purpose with ease
In order for the people of the world to feel his essence
Orunmila complied
Thereafter, he became the Light of the world
And everyone felt his essence
Orunmila started rejoicing, singing:
I have put on the light of wealth, health, and success through Self Discipline
Now I have peace of mind
Now I am peaceful

The above wisdom made it clear that “self-discipline” is what will make it easier for you to become aligned with your Orí, and once this is achieved, you will fulfill your Authentic purpose without fear.
Orunmila knew the purpose of his Orí and he disciplined himself in that aspect, and then his Orí’s plans/visions became established through him(Orunmila).

When you understand your purpose and then discipline yourself in that aspect, you are making it easier for your Orí to manifest through you.

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