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Why We Must Always Offer Up Sacrifice Of Justice According To IFÁ

FÁ says, in order to experience PEACE we must always offer up sacrifice of Justice.
What is sacrifice of Justice?
Today’s lesson is taken from the sacred Odù “ÌKÁ FUNFUN”. Ìká funfun belongs to the 171th house of the IFÁ chapters.

Here it says:
Ika funfun (Name of a priest)
Cast Ifa for the sixteen elders
Who were going on a spiritual mission to ilè ife
They were advised to offer up sacrifice of JUSTICE
In order for them to enjoy their journeys
They were also advised not to practice injustice
In order to avoid negativities.
~ÌKÁ funfun
Now, what is the “sacrifice of Justice” according to IFÁ?
The Sacrifice of Justice in this context means: To always express your Authentic nature; Orí.
When you try as much as possible to express your Authentic nature daily, it means you have offered up the sacrifice of Justice.
Injustice according to Ifá means: when you refuse to express your authentic nature. When you refuse to express your Authentic nature, you are unjust, therefore you can never get the best out of life because you will be prone to negativities.
The nature of your Orí is your Authentic nature.
Aside the general principles of Orí, each Orí has it own principles. The general principles of Orí applies to all ORÍ. The individual principles does not apply to all orí, but to the bearer only. But in order for all to coexist, all Orí must express the general principles daily.
I will share just two examples of the general principles of ORÍ.
What are the general principles of ORÍ?

ORÍ does not COMPETE, it is CREATIVE.
Orí does not ENSLAVE others, it COOPERATES with others.
COMPETITION is a false nature; the ego self, the one I call “IRÓ”. You are not meant to compete with anyone, you are already a CREATIVE FORCE. If you see yourself competing with others it means you are operating from a very low consciousness, it means you are trying to limit your Orí, and this is a big Taboo. You are unjust.
In Òsé Òtúrá (the 241th Odù Ifá), the male deities were meant to cooperate with the female deity called “Òsun” in order for them to accomplish and perfect the tasks given to them by Olodumare. But they competed with her instead, infact, they rendered her useless. But guess what? In spite of their heavy efforts, they couldn’t accomplish anything. They went back to olodumare to complain, and olodumare asked them: Where is the female amongst you?
They replied: oh, that ordinary female? What can she do? She is useless, we are more powerful than her, she can’t join us.

Olodumare replied: untill you go back and COOPERATE with her, before you can complete the task successfully.
They obeyed olodumare and went back to cooperate with Òsun, and they were able to complete the task.
Orí is cooperative and creative. It does not compete, it does not enslave.
Orí wants us to cooperate with one another, not to compete or enslave one another, because these type of energies will only deteriorate the universe because it will breed hatred and seperation. And we are not meant to deteriorate the universe, but to enhance it, according to Ifá.

ORÍ embraces natural CHANGES, it does not resist natural changes. The false nature(iró) hates natural changes, when such changes occurs, it will try to resist it.
Ifa made us understand that natural changes are inevitable and we should not resist it, because it is for our own good.

In Ìrosùn Ìwòrì(the 91th Odù IFÁ), Ifa says:
If we enjoy sweetness for a long time
Without ever tasting a little bit of bitterness
We will not appreciate the Beauty in others
And the world will tire one easily
He who has never experienced difficulty before
Can never truly appreciate the sweetness of Opulence
These were IFÀ’S messages to the Farmer
When he said: “If there had been rainfall throughout the year, the world would have been very enjoyable”
What the above wisdom is teaching us is that:
Without changes we can not express Gratitude, because there won’t be nothing to be grateful for. Without changes we can’t see or feel the beauty of others, without changes we cannot enhance the world.

CHANGE is part of Olodumare’s nature. Every living soul must embody this nature.
Resisting natural changes will make you remain stagnant; you can’t flow with life. This is also a taboo to your highest Self(Orí).

So these are just some of the principles of Orí and this is our Authentic nature. When you express this Authentic nature daily, it means you have offered up the sacrifice of Justice and you will surely experience PEACE.


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