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Your Spiritual husband is the person you were sexually and mentally attached to in your past life.

If you are not spiritually enlightened, and you are sexually & mentally attached to your partner in this present life, if you both die in that consciousness, you would experience this thing called “Spiritual Husband” when you reincarnate.
This is the Science behind Spiritual husband and Spiritual wife.

When you reincarnate, you would always see your partner in your dream having sex with you or doing other things with you, and if the attachment is strong, you would not be able to marry another man in this physical realm. And because you died unenlightened, your level of consciousness remains the same when you reincarnate, therefore you would find it difficult to accept it for what it is.
The ugly things you hear or have heard about spiritual husbands would make you feel afraid whenever you dream of him. And because you have allowed fear into your system, your physical life would be negatively affected.

Your Spiritual husband is your destined husband, and for you to break the bond, you would need to first Understand & internalize the meaning of DESTINY 😊.

What is Destiny?
First of all, nobody created your destiny, and you did not bring it from heaven, you created it by yourself and you created it here on earth.

Your Destiny is the results of your past actions. This is not your first time on earth, you have walked this earth countless times, and you have taken countless actions, therefore you would experience countless results, and these results are your destiny.

So imagine that you were sexually and mentally attached to 2,3,4,5 men in your past life, it means you would have 2,3,4,5 spiritual husband. This is why you see different faces in your dream.

Spiritual husband is not something that you should worry yourself about at all. Just understand the science behind it and raise your consciousness so that you can live above FEAR.

Priestess Efe Mena Aletor——IFÁ PSYCHOLOGY®

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