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Many are scared of death, they don’t want to hear anything that has to do with death, but they consciously or unconsciously swim in the pool of death.

When Ifá foresees death(IKÚ) during divination, it means, either physical death or spiritual death, but most times it is spiritual death.

In this lesson we are going to look into one of the factors that may cause spiritual death, but first, what is spiritual death?

Spiritual death means: You are still BREATHING but not LIVING. Anybody can breath but not all that breaths is living.

To LIVE is to be ALIVE. To be alive is to be in your ESSENCE. Your essence is to LIVE and ENHANCE earth(ilé ayé) by establishing the Will of Olodumare.

Now what are the factors that causes spiritual death? So many factors are responsible for spiritual death, but we are going to look into just one of them, which is, “NOT MINDING YOUR BUSINESS”
Funny right?

Yes! it is funny but it is something we should take note of always, because this attitude has limited or hindered many from enjoying their journey here. When you don’t mind your business you will attract into your life or space things that will delay or destroy your journey in life, you would attract into your life things that will enslave you, you would attract into your life things that will limit the effect of your ORÍ—when things like these starts happening to you, it means you are spiritually dead! this is IKÚ.

To mind your business is to WALK YOUR PATH, FOCUS ON YOUR PATH and devour whatever thing that tries to stop you from walking your path in peace. It is not about feeding ifá and the òrìsà alone, it is about taking note of little things that will delay or destroy your journey-this is called SELF PRESERVATION.

Your Business is to establish the Will of Olodumare here on earth. And Affliction doesn’t get to those who mind their business😊
Please make sure you internalize this truth.

What is the Will of Olodumare?

The will of Olodumare is for ènìyàn(humans) to establish IRE(Goodness) on earth. It is for ènìyàn to attain divinity(this is what IFÁ called ipò rere).
It is for ènìyàn to live above fear. It is for ènìyàn to enjoy IRE in abundance. It is for ènìyàn to live happily with everyone and everything in the Universe. It is for ènìyàn to be in harmony with everyone. It is for ènìyàn to use their spiritual gifts to enhance ilé ayé(earth). It is when the desire to inflict pains on others is no more in the heart of humans, but show love to one another. The will of Olodumare is for ènìyàn to live PEACEFULLY and be fully ENLIGTHENED about the universe.
IFÁ called it “Ayé àmọ́ tán oun gbogbo”

Because IFÁ says, There are lots of IRE in the spirit realm that the physical realm doesn’t have. Ènìyàn has been ordained to establish these goodness here on earth”.
~Irosun awoye


Note: This post is the edited version of the first one posted in June 15-2020

Message: Efe Mena Aletor


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