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“For you to experience total peace and happiness, detach yourself from people and things”—IFÁ

To detach yourself from people and material possessions does not mean you should disregard them but it means your joy, peace and happiness should not depend on them so that you don’t suffer unneccessarily-because this is what attachment does.

When you find it difficult to let go off people and things because you see them as your source of joy, peace and happiness, it means you are emotionally attached to them and when they leave you suddenly, you will suffer!

We all are here to experience and enhance life through our various paths, therefore, nobody is owing you, and you are not owing anybody. So when people come into your life to make impart, it is not because they owe you, it is because your ORÍ/EGBÉ sent them to fulfill a purpose in your life, therefore do not get attached to them, instead give thanks to your ORÍ for using them.

Let’s hear what Ifá says about why we should detach ourselves from people and things, in Òyèkú méjì. The verse goes thus:

Ojú abéré kò sé pín

Balùwè tó kún, kò gbé okò

Ipìn lófi ojú jo iná Sùgbón kò lè jó bí iná

Adífá fún Òrúnmìlà Níjó tí ó ń ló rè é bá elemere mulẹ̀

Wón ní kí ó rúbọ kí elemere má ba à dàá

Ríròmó Ikin sì ni ebo naa

Òrúnmìlà níí ódi kóro

Mo ti fi òrò mi kó ikin lórùn

Mo ti rí ayò àìnípèkun

Translation: The needle’s eye is not wide enough to pass through

A bathroom floor filled with plenty water cannot move a canoe

Ipìn(A kind of plant) feels like a fire when touched, but it cannot burn like a fire

These were ifá’s messages for Orunmila

When he was going to have a relationship with Elemere

He was asked to offer sacrifice

And the sacrifice was that: he should not depend on elemere for anything

He should put all his trust in Orí instead

Orunmila said it has turn to Kóro(ifa slang)I have cooperated with my Orí

I have found joy, peace and everlasting happiness.

In this verse, ifá said we should for no reason become emotionally attached or depend on anyone or anything, but instead, we should cooperate with our Orí because that is where the everlasting joy is. Understand that your Orí will provide whatever assistance you need at the right time and through the right soul or thing.

When people come into your life, understand WHY they are in your life, and once the REASON is known, focus on the reason alone and appreciate your orí for it. Don’t be attached to neither the REASON nor the person. Also, when you are in someone’s life, understand why you are there and focus on why you are there, don’t see yourself as the lord over their lives, understand that your orí wants you to fulfill a purpose in their lives and focus on that alone. Emotional attachment will cause you pains,detach yourself from people and things.

Do you understand?Any question?

Message: Efe Mena Aletor

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Miss Wilson
Miss Wilson
1 year ago

Wauw beautiful ❤

Alejandro Viveros
Alejandro Viveros
9 months ago

Definitivamente no apegarse a nada, permite vivir mas pleno, la vida emocional es un desconocimiento enorme de los seres humanos y por ello confunden y caen en sufrimiento porque una persona no piense o actúe como la persona quiera.
Me da gusto leer esto como Psicólogo y como iniciado en Isese, porque para mí Ifá guarda una gran sabiduría que la gente no conoce y por ello me adentro mas a su filosofía y psicología, para poder darla a conocer mejor.

5 months ago

This knowledge you share is very valuable.
Thank you

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