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In IFÁ diseases means “Àìsàn or Àrùn” and it can be categorized into two:

DISEASE 1 is the type that can be cured with herbs while DISEASE 2 is the type that herbs can’t cure.

In today’s lesson we are going to talk about DISEASE 2-the one that herbs can’t cure, which I call “ATTITUDE DISEASE”.

What is ATTITUDE DISEASE? Attitude diseases are diseases caused by one’s UNEXAMINED/CARELESS ATTITUDES, examples are: Àsetì and Àmúbó(Setbacks).

One of the unexamined attitudes that causes àsetì(setbacks) is PROCASTINATION.When you procrastinate you are setting yourself up for àsetì(setbacks) and there’s no amount of èyónú(herbs) that will cure it. When you know the right time to take certain actions and you refuse to or procrastinate instead, then no amount of “èbè àwon àgbà” will deliver you. When you procrastinate always you are limiting your Àse and you will become powerless.

Let’s hear what Ifá says in Ejiogbe about àsetì(setbacks) and the cure. Àbédé awo OlókiraAdífá fún Olókira Nígbàtí ó ń fi kùtùkùtùSe òwò àsetìEbo ni wón ní kí ó seÓgbébo órúboKò pé kòjìnàÓ se àsèyoríAbé ti dé! Awo OlókiraÈlà tí o jékí Olókira ó se àsetìTranslation:Àbé déThe priest of Olókira Divined for OlókiraWhen he was experiencing setback He was advised to offer sacrifice with cutlass and other items He complied Thereafter, he became successful in everything he laid his hands upon Abe!

You have come You are the priest of OlókiraYou have delivered Olókira from setbacks Abe in this context means a tool for cutting off something or a tool that can be used to disconnect something. Therefore, what this verse is teaching is: Olókira experienced setbacks and ifá advised him to use Abe(a tool for disconnection) to disconnect himself from àsetì(setbacks).

Procrastination causes setbacks and the only tool that can disconnect one from experiencing such is “POSITIVE ATTITUDE” Take actions when you are supposed to take it! Don’t postpone! So, POSITIVE ATTITUDES is the abe(tool for disconnection) that will disconnect one from àsetì(setbacks).

Message: Efe Mena Aletor

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