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ÀKÀNTÌ is a Yoruba word for STAGNANCY
It is also a disease and it falls under the category of DISEASE 1&2 which I mentioned in my previous post. It is a common disease that can be found amongst those who are claiming WOKE but in reality, they are Ògbèrì(unenligthened soul).
What causes this kind of disease is usually “Failure to embody and express inner wisdom/truth”

Ifá says: “if we have inner wisdom and fail to apply it, we become ignoramuses “-(Ìdí-ìwòrì)

“Bí a lógbón nínú, bí a kò lò ó, a ó di ògbèrì”

When you know your truth but fail to use it to enhance your life you will experience ÀKÀNTÌ(Stagnancy), and Ifá says you are not different from an ÒGBÈRÌ(unenlightened soul). If you know the 256 chapters of Ifá but fail to embody and express the wisdom therein, you are ògbèrì! a church goer who listens and follows the instructions in the Bible is better than you.

What is your TRUTH?
Your truth is the wisdom of your ORÍ! Your destiny!
How will you know this TRUTH?
Answer: Through ifá/òrìsà divination, through Itefa, through self observation and meditation.

And please showing forth LUXURIES are not evidences that you are living according to your truth, don’t misquote me. If you’re living according to your truth, it is between you and your Orí, you don’t have to prove it to anyone, you will know within you.
I said this because some of us like to oppress others with our luxuries, we try to make them feel like it is because they are not doing the will of their orí that is why they are poor, No!
If you have luxuries it is because you desire luxury!
Some don’t even have urge for luxuries and it doesn’t change anything.
So when next you go for divination and you are diagnosed of this kind of disease, please consider what I’ve just mentioned above.

I hope you learnt something 😊
Message: Efe Mena Aletor

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