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In Ejiogbe(the first chapter of IFÁ), IFÁ made us understand the power of Now, and why we must take advantage of “Now” to create a better life for ourself. Here it says:

Behave according to how your source has made you

Do no evil

Harbour no evil thoughts, else, you will attract affliction

For whatever you perfect “Now”

Will persist throughout your life time

These were ifá’s messages to the 401 deities

When coming from Ìkọ̀lé òrun to earth Olodumare decreed that while on the earth

They must not indulge in evil deeds, they must be truthful at all times so that their lives would be prosperous.

Line 5 and 6 says:”For whatever you perfect NOW, will persist throughout your lifetime”

This means, Whatever you choose to focus on “NOW” is what will always show up as your realities.

This is Why IFÁ is imploring us to always be conscious of “NOW”. What does it mean to be conscious of “NOW”?

To be conscious of Now means to be aware of the things that runs through your mind at this very moment and to be aware of your actions. What are you thinking about Now?

Are your thoughts and actions from the place of ORÍ or IRỌ́ Now?

I designed the below diagram to illustrate the consequences we will get when we think and act from the place of ORÍ(The Divine self) and IRỌ́(The False self).

Diagram 1 describes how “Èṣù” is the Rewarder of both IRE(good) and IBI(bad). It also described what IRE(Goodness) is and what IBI(Misfortune) is.

Diagram 2 describes how your thoughts and actions are what will determine whether you will attract IRE or IBI.

Is this helpful?

Message: Efe Mena Aletor

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