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The essence of IFÁ Divination or initiation

The essence of IFÁ divination or initiation is to help us reveal the messages of our ORÍ, and give us healthy exercises that will enable us to become aligned with our ORÍ when we apply them rightly, so that we can enjoy our journey in life.

Sometimes when you undergo IFÁ Readings, the diviner might give you just few key points about your ORÍ, that doesn’t mean they are not professionals. Some of you like to hear looonnnnng messages😅, and what you don’t understand is that the longer the message the higher the Ẹbọ and its fee.

Some of you want to hear heaven and earth during your IFÁ Readings, but the truth is, your ORÍ will only reveal what you need to know and work upon per time/season.

Don’t be surprised that IFÁ might deliver just two points from your ORÍ to you, but those 2 points, if properly executed, will launch you into other things that will help your journey in life.

Please, be open and learn to trust the process.
I care.

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