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Is Masturbation a TABOO(ÈÈWỌ) for the IFÁ Devotees?

Is Masturbation a TABOO(ÈÈWỌ) for the IFÁ Devotees?

First of all, what is Taboo(ÈÈWỌ)? ÈÈWỌ̀ is anything that is against your ORÍ.
In Oyeku logbe, IFÁ says: “We are here to experience life, both the ones we create for ourselves and the ones others have created for themselves”

FOOD, SEX, MARRIAGE, SHELTER, CLOTHE, WAR, LOVE, HATRED, RELIGION, and so on …are part of the things that we have come to experience in life, and MASTURBATION is not left out.

We are creators and we have the right to transform whatever thing that we have in our possession.
If you have sex for fun sake, you are not different from the one who masturbates for fun sake as well, because both of you are using your sexual energy to create FUN for yourselves. You both are doing the same thing through a different medium.

MASTURBATION is not a taboo, it becomes a taboo when you attach yourself to it because “ATTACHMENT” itself is a TABOO ~Òyẹ̀kú méjì

Whatever you want to do, do it with total awareness😊

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