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A student asked me this.

Those who express this nature chose to do so and Èṣù granted their request.
If you say you did not choose it, and insists that it comes through you naturally, or that’s how Olodumare made you, then it means you are not spiritually informed. Let me tell you why you think it comes naturally through you:

IFÁ says, “Whatever we perfect NOW will persist throughout our life time” ~ Èjìogbè
What does this mean? It means, any attitude or lifestyle that you practice and perfect in this WAKING MOMENT called “NOW”, will continue to occur in your life as long as you LIVE. Meaning, even when you reincarnate, such attitude or lifestyle would continue to show up as your reality – this is how Destiny is created. This is why you see that some people find it easy to display Excellence while some find it difficult to do so. It is because one perfected his/hers and the other did not.

So any lifestyle you practice now, once you are able to perfect it, it will be very difficult to do away with such lifestyle.  Let’s say for instance that you always practice IRE(Goodness) and you are able to perfect it, it will be difficult for you to engage in IBI(Misfortune) because you would find it unpleasant. If you practice lesbianism and you are able to perfect it, you would find it difficult to do make love to another gender because you would find it unpleasant…

So back to GAYS and LESBIANS. In their past lives they chose, practiced and perfected Homosexuality, so this is why it comes naturally through them in this present life and ÈṢÙ granted their request because it is in the Covenant that whatever we desire would be manifested, be it good or bad. So Olodumare is playing his/her own part.

But would there be consequence for such act?
There are consequences for every action. But only those who engage in it can tell what the consequence feels like.

Now, Are they allowed to partake in IFÁ Worship?
Of course YES!
YES because they are Spiritual beings too and IFÁ is their Birthrights too.

General Advice:
NOW is the only time you have to practice and perfect your goals. Once you die, it is finished. When you reincarnate, you would continue from where you stopped. Therefore, think about what you are practicing NOW, ask yourself if it is worth it?  Would you like to experience it again when you reincarnate?

~Efe Mena Aletor


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