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Ifà’s Message About: Why We Should Always See Through The Lense Of Orí.

Today’s message will be taken from the sacred odu “ÒDÍ OGBÈ” aka “Ìdígbèmí”.

Òdí Ogbè belongs to the 75th house of the 256 ifa chapters.
In this chapter, A man called Lajunbala was asking his Ori for wealth, he went to consult with IFÁ in order to hear from his ORÍ. His ORÍ replied him through IFÁ that he would become wealthy through an old barren woman. This old woman has been looking for a child, she had lost all hopes. Ifá told Lajunbala that he would cross paths with the old barren woman, she would ask him(Lajunbala) out for a relationship, but he should not reject it, because through him(Lajunbala) the old woman would have a child and through the old woman he(Lajunbala) would become wealthy. Lajunbala complied.

Not long after, Lajunbala met the old barren woman, she asked Lajunbala out for a relationship, Lajunbala accepted, he made love to her, she became pregnant and birthed a baby.
She was happy and she blessed Lajunbala with so much wealth, and Lajunbala became wealthy.
Moral: Lajunbala became wealthy because he was spiritually minded. To be Spiritually minded means to see through the lense of your ORÍ and not the Egoself.

If Lajunbala was not spiritually-minded, he would have rejected the old woman’s offer because the ego-self would have pushed him to be worried about the woman’s age, and with such mindset, he would miss his Ire (blessings).

This is exactly what the ego-self does to most of us all the time and this is why most will continue to miss their Ire(blessings).

Understand the principles of your Orí. Do not be worried about what others will think. Just follow the principles of your Orí and understand that no matter how smart you think you are, the counsel of your ORÍ MUST STAND.
Life unfolds in chapters, learn how to play along

The chants says:
Ìdíngbèmí( Òdí Ogbè directed and supported me)
I set out by providence
Cast IFÁ for Lajunbala
The one who will become wealthy through an old barren woman
He was advised to offer sacrifice
He complied
Thereafter, he became wealthy.


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