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What is Defense Mechanism?
Defense mechanisms are strategies people use to distance themselves from unpleasant situations. These strategies can come from the place of ORÍ or IRÓ.
The place of ORÍ is the place of TRUTH and TOTAL PEACE, while the place of IRỌ́ is the place of falsehood/Stress.

If you find yourself in unpleasant situations, and you apply strategies from the place of IRỌ́(falsehood), you can’t have total Dominion over such situations, what you will get is momental freedom.

According to IFÁ, to Embody ORÍ means that you are operating from the throne of ORÍ which is the throne of “TRUTH/PEACE”. It means you know and accept that: “You are a soul living in a body, You are not your Body, Your body is the vehicle which you are using to experience this material realm, Your journey here is temporal, You can only enhance life, You cannot worsen life, You own nothing, You are a creator, and only the counsel of ORÍ will stand.

When you embody this truth, you have automatically created a healthy defense mechanism for yourself, which will enable you have total Dominion over unpleasant situations. Also, It will enable you to know how to preserve yourself and how to respond to situations.

We live in a world where some are embodying the energies of Ajogun(devouring spirits), if you do not activate this healthy defense mechanism, you will not be able to fulfill your essence and you will be trapped in this material realm.
Let’s learn from the story of “The SUN” which is known as Ọjọ́, in Ọ̀yẹ̀kú méjì (The second chapter of IFÁ).

In this verse, IFÁ told a story of when Ọjọ́ was going on a spiritual mission to a village called ÌDÓ. His mission was to illuminate ÌDÓ, because the inhabitants of ÌDÓ were living in total darkness. But when Ọjọ got to ÌDÓ, the inhabitants of ÌDÓ tried to suppress him. They were touching him with their dirty hands and other dirty objects. It got to a point where ọjọ́ became weak, he couldn’t fulfill his essence the way he should, so he decided to consult IFÁ.
IFÁ told him that he must preserve his authenticity by activating a healthy defense mechanism, else the inhabitants of ÌDÓ will not allow him fulfill his purpose. So he was advised to offer Ẹbọ with needles, broom and other items, Ọjọ́ complied.

The inhabitants of ÌDÓ didn’t know that Ọjọ had performed Ẹbọ, they wanted to suppress him as usual, but this time around they couldn’t. When they attempted to touch him with their filthy hands, the needles that ọjọ́ used in his Ẹbọ hurt them. Ọjọ distanced himself and they tried to use their eyes to suprress him, but they got hurt instead.
Thereafter, Ọjọ́ was able to fulfill his essence in the land of ÌDÓ, and the inhabitants of ÌDÓ had no choice than to allow him fulfill his purpose. At the end of the day, both parties were happy.

We can see that Ọjọ responded to the situation with total awareness. This is an example of a healthy defense mechanism.
It is healthy because Ọjọ knew that he was on a spiritual mission and he must fulfill his purpose. So instead of him to get angry and neglect them or harm them because of what they did to him, he decided to check with IFÁ to see the best way he could handle the situation.
When we embody ORÍ, we become automatically protected and we’ll fulfill our purpose with ease.

Those who embody ORÍ have the best defense mechanism.
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Message: Efe Mena Aletor


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