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According to IFÁ in the book of ÌROSÙN ÌWÒRÌ(90th chapter of IFÁ), Òrúnmìlà revealed that, the reason why we would undergo REINCARNATION is because we are FORGETFUL and we have lost our SENSE OF RESPONSIBILITY. (You would find the story towards the end of the write up)

Let’s look into this together, why did we forget ourselves to the point where we lost our sense of being and responsibility? IFÁ gave us the answer, it says: It is our ATTACHMENT to the illusion that we created.

This knowledge can be found in the book of Ejiogbe(the first chapter of IFÁ), where ifa talked about the continuous struggle between ÈNÌYÀN(Spiritual beings) and AYÉ(Earth/Material realm). In this verse, Spiritual beings wanted to enjoy Earth, and Earth didn’t want Spiritual beings to take what belongs to her. So the both of them went to consult the Oracle, and ifa told both of them to offer Ẹbọ. ÈNÌYÀN performed ẹbọ for the first time and it became easy for them to enjoy Ayé. Later on Ènìyàn craved for more enjoyment, but this time around, GREED has set in, ènìyàn wanted to Own what belongs to Ayé.

On the other hand, Ayé offered Ẹbọ to stop ènìyàn from taking what belongs to her, and this was done repeatedly.
At some point, ènìyàn began to find it difficult to enjoy ayé or even own what belongs to her, so they went to consult ifa again and ifa told them to perform continuous Ẹbọ, but ènìyàn complained, they said, “We thought we have performed Ẹbọ for the first time, why do we have to repeat the Ẹbọ?”, IFÁ told ènìyàn that it is because, the Ayé that they want to enjoy is not going to allow them take anything that belongs to her, therefore ènìyàn should not relent in performing Ẹbọ.

From this little story we can tell that ènìyàn became attached to the things of ayé and ayé has refused to release anything that belongs to her, and this has been constant struggle between ayé and ènìyàn from time immemorial. And the reason why this is happening is because ènìyàn has refused to be ORÍginal. Ènìyàn got attached to the things of ayé simply because they forgot WHO they were and why they came to the domain of ayé, as a result of this, Greed took over them and they were binded by the illusion that they created for themselves. Àìní Ìtẹ́lọ́rùn!

Let me stop here first.

Now, back to why we became a product of reincarnation. IFÁ says it is because we are forgetful beings. The book of ÒYẸKÚ LOGBÈ explained why spiritual beings came to earth, the book of ÈJÌOGBÈ explained how spiritual beings violated the agreement because of Greed, and the book of ÌROSÙN ÌWÒRÌ reminded us of why spiritual beings became a product of reincarnation.

So what was the original reason for coming to earth according to IFÁ in Oyeku Logbè? Ifa says, the only reason why we came to earth was to EXPERIENCE it and enhance it if need be. Earth is not our permanent home.

So why did we become a product of reincarnation? In the book of Irosun iwori, ifa revealed how spiritual beings became a product of reincarnation. In this verse, Òrúnmìlà received a revelation that the inhabitants of Earth would come to him and ask him a question, therefore he should be prepared, he should also perform Ẹbọ so that he too would be in the right position to answer them. Òrúnmìlà complied. Not long after, the inhabitants of Earth went to Òrúnmìlà to complain about their stay on earth, because they were no longer enjoying her. So they told Òrúnmìlà that coming back to earth after one is dead is tiring, therefore Òrúnmìlà should allow them rest in heaven after death. But Òrúnmìlà told them that it is not possible to rest in the spirit realm yet, they asked, Òrúnmìlà why? Òrúnmìlà told them that until the earth returns to a good condition, which was actually the original condition, before they can rest in the spirit realm after death and not come back again. Òrúnmìlà added that, “there are plenty goodness in the spirit realm that the inhabitants of Earth are lacking, and you, spiritual beings are the only ones that would bring the goodness back to earth”. This is why you are called “ÈNÌYÀN” (The choosen one).
So they asked Òrúnmìlà, what does good condition looks like? Òrúnmìlà replied, he said:
– It is when all of you come to the realization of WHO you are, and act in accordance. – It is when everyone on earth is fully aware of everything, both in the spirit realm and in the physical realm. Meaning, nobody will remain in the mode of ignorance, everyone would become a know-it-all being. (According to ifa this is called, “Ayé Àmọ̀ mọ̀tán ohun gbogbo.) – It is when FEAR no longer dwell in the hearts of all of you. – It is when you see others as yourself and love them without expecting anything in return for loving them. – It is when you enjoy everything on earth and own nothing to yourself. – It is when the desire to harm others is not in your hearts because you already know the consequences that you would face if you do it. This is what good condition looks like.
So they asked Òrúnmìlà again, how do we achieve this good condition? Òrúnmìlà replied, You need to Embody Ìwàpẹlẹ in order to be able to attain this. They asked Òrúnmìlà again, “How do we get this Ìwàpẹlẹ?” Òrúnmìlà responded, “If you are willing, I will equip you”.

Òrúnmìlà also promised them that, he would equip them with the spiritual assets that they lack, and help them Preserve the ones that they already have in order not to lose them. So that they can fix the earth successfully.

With this little explanation, we can see clearly that our attachment to the things of the world is what would make us become a candidate for reincarnation. Also if one is not aware of this knowledge, such person would remain under the bondage of the illusion that they keep creating.

This is the reason why IFÁ is reminding us about TOTAL SURRENDER in Ogbè Irete(29th chapter of IFÁ), it says: “OGBÈ! Come and Surrender to me in order to have Absolute Peace!” it says, “It is lack of divine understanding that makes one to undergo initiation more than once”. It says, after one has undergone initiation, one cannot take what belongs to others without taking permission, one cannot talk about what one is ignorant of, one cannot take the life of others, one cannot hate others, the desire to harm others or even animals would not be in one’s heart… and so on…
So the question is, what are we surrendering? IFÁ says, “We must drop our attachment to false nature and embody the divine nature of ORÍ/Olodumare .” This is what surrender means!
Failure to drop it would only make us become more exposed to suffering.

Is this helpful?

~Efe Mena Aletor

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