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Ifá Says Everything will work out for your good~ ÌKÁ ÒGÚNDÁ

Don’t give up yet. Take that bold step and watch how your ORÍ will turn all the IBI(Misfortune) in your life to IRE(Goodnes).I am a living testimony😊.

The bold step I took was: I SURRENDERED to my ORÍ and all the ibi in my life dissolved into IRE!

Some of you are afraid to surrender, because your mind is very calculative. You want to know the end from the beginning, and if you’re unable to get the answers that you want, FEAR will crip in, and then boom! You are already feeling depressed.You may say it’s not easy, but trust me, you can’t find peace when you express the IRỌ́ nature(False nature). Everything in the IRỌ́ world is Struggle, you will struggle to enjoy even your own birthrights. IFÁ says, OGBÈ, SURRENDER in order to have peace–(Ogbe àte).

It means without surrender, no peace!Don’t forget, ATTACHMENT to anything is a TABOO!

Witness, enjoy, be involved but do not ATTACH😊These are the kind of lessons I teach in my ORÍ CLASS! Just incase you are wondering what my ORÍ class is all about😊I show others effective ways to Strengthen their bonds with their ORÍ, so that they can experience peace.

Message: Efe Mena Aletor

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