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How To Achieve A Successful Life According To IFÁ

How To Achieve A Successful Life According To IFÁ

You have been taught how to achieve a successful life by teachers and preachers who still see through the European lenses and not through the African lens. Today you will learn how IFÁ has taught us to achieve a successful life in one of its chapters called “OTURUPON ODI”, which belongs to the 189th house of the 256 Ifa chapters. In this verse, Ifá made us understand the dualistic nature of life and how Olodumare is the author of both good and bad. Ifá hereby implores us to create a balance between both aspects, if we desire to achieve a successful life.

Here it says:

Orisa to se didun
Oun naa lo se aidun
Adifa fun Orunmila
Won ni ki baba o se ebo Ayo
Ki o sebo Ibanuje
Atawo ati isegun
E y’egba, E y’atori
E ba wa le ibanuje lo o
E y’egba E y’atori

Translation :

The Orisa which brings joy
Also brings sadness
This was ifá’s messages for Orunmila
Who was asked to offer ebo to bring JOY
and also offer ebo to drive away SADNESS.
Everyone! Bring your switches and canes
Let us drive away sadness!

Looking at this verse,
Ifa asked us to offer sacrifice that will bring us JOY and also offer sacrifice that will help us chase away sorrow. Now what are the sacrifices that we’ll do that will bring forth JOY?

1. Discipline yourself to become one with your ORÍ! That’s where the greatest joy is, because it will launch you into other joy.

What are the sacrifices that we’ll do to chase away sorrow?

1. Protect yourself from anything that will inflict pains/suffering upon you.

It is as simple as that!

Ifa verse: Oturupon odi

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