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Can “Charms” Truly Protect You From The Evil Ones?

Many have been conditioned to always use and depend on “charms” to protect themselves from the evil ones. As a result of this, many have become so attached to the point that, they have become slaves to these things.
But why is it like this?

The idea of using Charms to protect/enhance oneself is not bad, but it is dangerous in the hands of those who are not yet aware of Who they truly are. If such person become exposed to charms he will create more sufferings for himself. Charms will only make you feel relieved for a while, and then the situation will arise again, you will use it and become relieved again. But for how long will you continue to do this? I mean for how long will you continue to depend on those blues eyes amulet, Okigbe, madarikan, etc, for protection?

What do you think will happen to you if these things are out of reach?
Will the evil ones overcome you? Yes! They will, because you have been programmed to depend on charms for protection, and when this Charms are no longer available, you will suffer because you have become attached to it.

Ifá says: The root of all suffering is “ATTACHMENT” and the root of happiness is “DETACHMENT” ( Òyèkú méjì)
Aside Charms, what is the authentic way to protect yourself from those who always express evil, according to IFÁ?
Before you can have total Dominion over such people you must be fully aware of the following TRUTH:

1. Understand that: Orí is the source of every spiritual being and LOVE is its nature, not EVIL. We are spiritual beings and our Orí is our source. In Ogbè ògúndá ( the 24th chapter of Ifá), Ifá says: All Orí are powerful and peaceful but it is our attitude that will determine whether we’ll experience this power and bliss or not.

2. Understand that: Orí can never be destroyed. And because you are one with Orí, you can never be destroyed. You can only experience sufferings when you are misaligned, but you can’t be destroyed.

3. Those who always express evil are only expressing a false nature. To be evil is to be against the universe, this is a false nature, this is not who they are. We all are ONE with Orí and orí is not evil. So if you see anyone who is evil, such person is embodying a false nature.

Now that you are aware of the above Truth, the next step is this👇
How to protect yourself from those who always express evil.

1. When you are in the midst of those who always express evil, understand that they are expressing a false nature, and this is happening because they are not yet aware of who they truly are, or they are aware, but they have chosen to thread the path of destruction that’s why they are deliberately expressing a false nature. You need to be aware of this.
Do not react or attach yourself to their ugly energies, If you do, it means you have given them the power to penetrate you, and once this happens, they will gradually drain you and make you suffer like them. Yes! they are suffering.
Understand that you are a powerful being, you can never be destroyed except you set yourself up for destruction.

2. You also need to understand that: If the evil ones throw their ugly energies at you, their ugly energies will only remain on the outside, it can never get to you except you accept it. The moment you attach yourself to their ugly energies, you have given them access. And then you will start to suffer pains while you are still living inside your body.
The key is to be totally AWARE and detach yourself.

3. If you are going to use external aids like “charms” understand why you want to use it and understand that you are the Master; you are in control, you are not depending on it. When you are in control, if your external aid is out of reach, you will not feel disappointed because you now know that without external aid you can still remain peaceful and happy.

Orunmila was able to protect himself from the evil ones because:
He knew the root of all sufferings and happiness, and he managed both aspects perfectly.

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