Attachment is a Taboo “ÈÈWỌ̀”-IFÁ

Please be aware that every form of ATTACHMENT is a taboo “Èèwọ̀”.
When IFÁ speaks about “Taboos”, it is beyond food & colors.

Attachment is an enemy!

ORÍ is not clingy. This is one of the principles of ORÍ that I planned to share with you all.
Let me give you an example that shows how attachment is a taboo.

If you are walking with ORÍ, and ORÍ is already in Level Q, but you are still clinging unto level P because of the material benefits or some unhealthy reasons, this is attachment. You are delaying yourself and you will suffer. ORÍ is in level Q waiting and before you know it, she will move into level R, but you have chosen to remain and die in level P because of the vanity that you seeing in level P.
Now what you are doing here is called Èèwọ̀!
It is Èèwọ̀ because you have refused to flow with life. You are delaying yourself and this will stop you from enjoying the blessings of your ORÍ.

ÒYẸ̀KÚ MÉJÌ says: “Enjoy everything in the world but never possess anything, to avoid suffering”
This means, enjoy as much as you can without attaching yourself to what you create or what others have created.
You must Flow with life.

Detach yourself NOW, be OPEN, be FLEXIBLE and be GRATEFUL so that you can enjoy the IRE of your ORÍ.

NOTE: please Detachment does not mean you should not be compassionate, it means:
Be alone even while you are with others😊

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